Bolsas de estudos do governo italiano para estrangeiros e italianos residentes no exterior

Italian Government Study Grants for Foreigners and Italians Residing Abroad

The Italian Government Study Grants for Foreigners and Italians Residing Abroad is offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its diplomatic mission in the accredited country of the applicants, to students of selected countries wishing to study at Italian public universities or other public institutions of higher education.Applicants may request three month bursaries for:

1.        Advanced courses in Italian language and culture;
2.        Courses in Italian language teaching;
3.        Study or research projects at non-private Italian research Centres – Laboratories, Libraries, Archives, Museums.
Applicants may request six or nine month bursaries for:
1.        Individual university courses (levels I or II);
2.        University degree courses (levels I or II);
3.        Advanced professional training, art and music courses;
4.        Courses in Italian language teaching;
5.        Masters Degree courses (levels I or II);
6.        Doctorates Courses;
7.        Schools of specialisation;
8.        Singly or jointly supervised study or research projects.
Data Limite
June 11th 2012.
Bursaries are awarded for study and/or research programmes at public and legally accredited institutions. Bursary recipients study at the Italian universities/institutions of their choice, based on the approval of the selection committee. Pre-enrolment to the chosen Italian Institution will be done through the Italian Diplomatic Representatives in the student’s country of citizenship.Applicants must have a degree corresponding with the Italian first or second Level degree depending on the Master course chosen and eventual other documentation as requested by their chosen Italian institution.

Unless otherwise indicated in the executive programmes of cultural agreements with individual countries, new bursary or renewal applications cannot be accepted from applicants born before June 1st 1976 (35 years of age). In no case may bursaries be awarded to applicants under legal age, i.e. born after June 1st 1994.

The applicant age limit can be extended to those born after June 1st 1966 (45 years of age) for teachers of the Italian language with documented, ongoing Italian language teaching experience in their country of origin.

The sholarship program assigns a contribution of €700 per month. For the sole period of the bursary granted by the Italian government, foreign bursary-holders are covered by an insurance policy that covers eventual expenses incurred as a result of illness and/or accident.Bursaries do not cover airfares or other travel expenses. Italian diplomatic missions will inform bursary-holders of any exceptions.

Italian is the required language of study in Italy. A basic knowledge of Italian is necessary even at Universities offering courses in English. Adequate knowledge of the Italian language is indispensible to obtaining a bursary and to enrolment in a university course in Italy, and must be certified in writing.
Forma de Solicitação
All applicants must fill out the on-line application form at Borse on Line. The form must be saved and sent on line before the deadline indicated.Note: before submitting their applications prospective applicants to Italian bursaries must contact the university or institution in Italy where they intend to study. They are advised to be as fully informed as possible about the institution and course of study of their choice. For more information about studying in Italy check the M.I.U.R. website. Please also check the list of the International Offices of the main Italian Universities.

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