Convocatória – residência artística em Copenhagen

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Hotel Pro Forma offers a unique opportunity to one or two professional artists with suitable projects. Applicants will be able to develop their projects for three to six months at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen.

Depending on the artist or project, the project may be produced as an Atelier Hotel Pro Forma production during the residency, but it may also be produced as an independent project once the residency is completed.

The application deadline is 15 August 2012, and artists may begin at Hotel Pro Forma from the beginning of 2013, depending on the project and wishes of the individual artists.

Artists who apply must be professional and have documented experience in developing interdisciplinary work. Projects may be anchored in the performing arts, but it is not a requirement. Projects which have the possibility of creating new forms of collaboration across existing art forms will be given priority.

Applicants are required to:

  • send in a completed application form plus CV.
  • have own laptop complete with the software necessary to develop your artistic concept.
  • have the ability to finance your own trip and residence at Hotel Pro Forma, although in most cases funding will be possible to cover these expenses.
  • meet deadlines with regards to project milestones, deliverables
  • work in an international team of artists, interns, technicians and producers.

Hotel Pro Forma offers:

  • access to our organisation and network of artists, technicians and producers.
  • help with finding accommodation in Copenhagen and locating funding sources to pay for the residency which may cover accommodation, flights and possibly a small bursary (stipend).
  • evaluation of your project on a conceptual, artistic and organisational level.
  • an interesting, inspiring and open environment to develop artistic work.

Applications marked “Artist in Residence” must be sent electronically to before 15. August 2012.



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