LAND.body.scape_corpography: Art-based research in the interface of body, mind & nature

From 27-08-12 till 02-09-12 – St. Margarethen/Burgenland, Austria


As a new transdisciplinary artistic field work in nature this ChoreoLab combines performative training, lecture, demonstration & discussion with experts from the fields of choreography/dance, body-mind techniques, architecture, land art & botany.

Performers and interested protagonists from other fields are invited to the collective unfolding of creative potential in a communicative forum taking place at the art and nature sanctuary of St. Margarethen.

As “dance of things” LAND.body.scape_corpography mediates between the internal and external bodily spaces and provides a redefinition of modalities, investigating the living environment through the body. Corpography implies a critical process of reflection and inquiry on anthropological and socio-cultural transformations of both the individual and society. At the same time it provokes wide-ranging questions about body and environment as a complex system in constant evolution.

After a three-year successful cooperation with Danube University Krems, the International ChoreoLab Austria (ICLA) – initiated by choreographer Sebastian Prantl and pianist Cecilia Li (directors of Tanz Atelier Wien) in 2009 – is taking place this year in conjunction with the distinguished organisation Symposion of Europaen Sculptors at their headquarter in Austria. The focus of the ICLA is to foster an interdisciplinary discourse on an expanded concept of choreography, linking theoretical excursions and contextual performativity.

LAND.body.scape_corpography will take place in St. Margarethen/Burgenland, in Austria, from August, 27th to September, 2nd 2012

Fee, Accommodation and Application

The participation fee amounts to EUR 500 (incl. breakfast + dinner). Due to this special community format, we strongly invite the participants to camp with their own tents on the grounds around the sculptor’s house without charge.

Online Application available here

Contact and Information

Mag. Susanne Senekowitsch, MAS
Tanz Atelier Wien

+43 1 522 60 44



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