Nostalgia futura: chamada para propostas 2013

The Festival Belluard Bollwerk International and the Migros Culture Percentage are looking for artistic projects that are dealing with FUTURE NOSTALGIA.

In the last century, modernization processes accelerated to a high degree and along with globalization caused great change all over the world. Nostalgia, the longing for a lost time and space, has become a global phenomenon.

The idealization that comes with nostalgic remembering is often regressively oriented or sometimes even part of dangerous nationalist discourses. However, nostalgia is not only about the past, it can also be prospective, creative and critical. Can we rethink nostalgia? Can we discover a dynamic element in the sentiment? How can we relate to the past in an era where what is valid today is no longer possible in the near future? Tomorrow is so discontinuously different from today that it already escapes the vitalizing force of our imagination.

FUTURE NOSTALGIA is an oscillation between what has been, what is and what could be. The past opens up a multitude of potentialities, possibilities or developments. Rather than the end reaction to longing, nostalgia can be understood as a mode for provoking a future-oriented goal.

The Festival Belluard Bollwerk International and the Migros Culture Percentage are looking for projects that question, propose or provoke FUTURE NOSTALGIA, in the form of experimental and stimulating interventions, performances, installations or actions: FUTURE NOSTALGIA for the city of Fribourg Switzerland and its inhabitants, for art and society.

  • The call is open to artists and practitioners from other fields, to Fribourg residents and people from other places, to individuals or groups.
  • Selected proposals will be realised as a part of the Belluard Festival 2013.
  • The projects can take place in one of the festival venues, in the public space or in another location in Fribourg.
  • Projects will be selected by a jury of arts practitioners and experts from other fields.
  • Selected proposals will be further developed during a residency in Fribourg, in collaboration with specialists from different fields.


  • Each project is to be presented on maximum three A4-format pages (including drawings, photos, plans, etc), along with one A4 page with a budget proposal and personal details (name, postal and email address, telephone number).
  • Applications must be written in English, German or French. (German and French applications should include an English summary of 1000 characters).
  • Projects must be sent by October 15th 2012 to Belluard Bollwerk International, Contest 2013, PO Box 214, 1701 Fribourg, Switzerland (postal stamp is proof) or to, with as subject ‘CONTEST 2013’. (11 pm Swiss time at the latest)
  • The results will be announced by mid December 2012.
  • The jury reserves the right not to comment on its decision.
  • The material sent will not be returned.
  • For each selected project there will be a minimum artistic budget of CHF 2’500.- plus a production budget for the realization of the project and presentation during the Belluard Festival 2013.


  • Mentoring in Fribourg by a group of specialists from different fields in February 2013 (exact dates tbc).
  • A production period in Fribourg in June 2013.
  • The presentation of the project during the Belluard Festival 2013, between June 21st and July 7th 2013 (exact dates tbc).

With the support of: Pour-cent culturel Migros



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