Barcelona International Dance Exchange

APPLICATION OPEN for BIDE Outokumpu, Finland

From 16-10-12 till 21-10-12 – Outokumpu, Finland

BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange) is looking forward to gather an international group of 30-40 professional artists, with different backgrounds and experiences, but with the common interest in developing, researching and exchanging ideas in contemporary dance.

BIDE will offer a structure of daily changing laboratories to support a non-hierarchical atmosphere of meeting and sharing, doing try-outs and showing the work to each other.

This year’s satellite BIDE will take place in Outokumpu, a small town in Eastern Finland known from its old mine, now a tourist attraction. The history of the town has also made it culturally vibrant, attracking local and international artists to work in its surroundings.

The meeting will take place in the studios and theater space of the Movement and Performance Research Outokumpu, an international contemporary dance education located in the town.

Application and more information about the event and venue

More information about BIDE :



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