Oficina Body Resonance com Yumiko Yoshioka – Berlim

Body Resonance , based on Butoh Dance and Organic Movement

Place :     at Eden Studios,   Breite Strasse 43,  Pankow,  Berlin
Time :     Dec. 13 – 16, from 12:30 pm to 6 pm
Price :     180€  (registration before Nov 15)
200 € (registration after Nov 16)
Contact : yumiko-mizelle@gmx.de ( Yumiko Yoshioka)

The main focus of this workshop is a conscious research of our body/mind/soul unification, so we can deeply enjoy the intrinsic process of metamorphosis through the spirit of dance.

Through a continuous exploration of our past collective memories, we can strike a vein of abundant creative resources, enriching the essence of our life. The body is a receptacle of time.

Body resonance is a key to open up the doors of ever-changing world inside and outside of us, which helps the body to unfold its secrets, holding them up until they shine and tremble. Everything is in resonance with each other.

Through a dialogue with our body, we can learn to be moved by inner and outer forces, thus realizing we are a part of the Universe.

A dance of metamorphosis inevitably appears.

October 12  – 14    Workshop in Athens
contact :   Rena Konstantaki <rmkk1893@otenet.gr>October  18 – 21    Workshop and Solo Performance “Before the Dawn” in Vienna Butoh Festival
Sonja Heller is also going to teach and perform in this Festival.

contact : Daniela Lehner <office@danimayu.com>

October 26 – 28     Workshop in Salzburg
contact : tanzimpulse Salzburg <workshops2010@tanzimpulse.at> (Peter)

November  2- 4     Workshop in Merano (Italy)
contact :  Martina Marini <martinamarini66@yahoo.it>

November 6- 11    Workshop and Solo Performance “Before the Dawn” in Barcelona Butoh Festival
Ken Mai is also invited to the festival

contact :  Rosana <cuerpotransitorio@hotmail.com>



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