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Project Launch:




Click here for more 2013 Call for Entries.


The Project Launch grant is presented to an outstanding photographer working in fine art series or documentary project. The grant includes a cash award to help complete or disseminate the works as well as providing a platform for exposure and professional development opportunities.

This grant is awarded to completed projects that would benefit from the grant award package. It requires signature of a contract to participate in an exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Arts, during Review Santa Fe.


Verna Curtis Curator of Photography, The Library of Congress


Mauro Bedoni Photo Editor, COLORS Magazine


Christopher McCall Director, Pier 24 Photography


// $10,000 Cash (some restrictions apply)
// Exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Arts, in Santa Fe, NM during Review Santa Fe

// Complimentary participation in Review Santa Fe 2013

// Santa Fe Photographic Workshops tuition voucher (some restrictions apply)

// A Photographer’s Showcase from Photo-Eye

// A full online portfolio review on Eyeist

// Lenscratch publication

// Online exhibition at


// $1,000 cash award

// Complimentary participation in Review Santa Fe 2013

// A Photographer’s Showcase * from Photo-eye

// A full online portfolio review on Eyeist

// Lenscratch publication

// Online exhibition at

Per CENTER’s standard practice, the three jurors will receive the contact information of the winners, all of the projects that made it to the final rounds, and any additional special projects per their request.


Eligible Work

Work derived from all photographic processes are accepted, as well as mixed media work that is photo-based (only still images are accepted, no multimedia components). Grant recipient must sign a contract with CENTER and the Center for Contemporary Art and participate in an exhibition.

Preparing Your Submission

Projects that have been published in book form with a photographic publishing house or university press are not eligible for the Project Launch Grant.

  • Complete the online application
  • Pay $35 members/ $45 non-members
  • Submit 20 digital files demonstrating a cohesive body of work
  • Upload an artist statement limited to one page
  • Upload a résumé limited to two pages

Click here to view the 2012 Winners’ Galleries.

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