Seleção de propostas: Nomadic Village 2013

Captain Klaus and tadlachance are happy to call for project proposals for the 3rd Nomadic Village. After Pavlikeni 2009 and Wolsingham 2012, for 2013 we are inviting nomadic artistst to Cuges les Pins to set up the Nomadic Village with their mobile homes/ateliers and realize their projects.

We are seeking to invite artists from all over the world whose works look at themes of nomadism; artists who in their practice respond to and interact with places and people; artists who intentionally displace themselves to seek encounters that not only influence their work but form it; artists who create situations. Artists are asked to realise a project and present it on the last weekend, and to come with their own mobile ateliers/living units. In case you don’t have one or travel too far to bring it, we can provide a limited number of rather unusual ‘homes’.

The Nomadic Village is a 2-week settlement set up on a vacant lot close to an existing village. The nomadic artists’ mobile homes/ateliers form the structure of the Village around On The Road Productions’ (ORP) Steyr-Ikarus bus, which acts as its townhall. In this autonomous enviroment participants can freely experiment with new ways of working; it stimulates creativity and exchange, and attracts local people to observe and participate in the process.
At the end of the Village there is a public exhibition/show that invites a wider audience to appreciate the works produced during the Village. The project is the brainchild of Captain Klaus, lead Artist and founder, from ORP/Austria.

Hosted by tadlachance ( is the hosting association led by two artists Madeleine
Doré (Canada/Quebec) and Françoise Rod (Swiss/French). Based near Marseilles tadlachance is a stop-by for nomadic artists who create interventions and art events in public spaces. Nomadic Village 2013 is a major event of the festival “Nous serons tous d’ici”, an Aubagne Community project in Marseille-Provence, European Capital of Culture 2013. Cuges les Pins is a small town close to Marseilles. It wholeheartedly welcomes the Nomadic Village and will provide local facilities. Our Village will come into existence in the beginning of a valley leading to the Sainte Baume mountain on the northern fringe of Cuges les Pins, within easy walking distance to the centre. Cuges Les Pins and its poeple will become our art laboratory, an artistic playground.

>>>pictures of the location

>>>pictures of the close vicinity

The Nomadic Village will provide
• All meals provided by Cuges les Pins, with dinners cooked by Umesh Maddanahali
• Facilities – including electricity, toilets, running water, wifi
• Contact to the local community
• Communication and publicity
• Letters of invitation and other support to enable you to raise additional funds
• As a travel fund artists can apply for the Dizel Grant (see below)

How to apply
• This call is open to artists from all over the world, who preferably come with their own mobile space to live and work in.
• Application must include: bio, documentation of work, art process and project proposal.
• We prefer applications that are brief and to the point
• Deadline for proposals: 20th of February (artists will be notified about the selection after 15th of
March 2013)
• Feel free to contact us before you apply.
• Make sure you are able to commit for the whole duration of the Village

The Dizel Grant
The Dizel Grant is an uncomplicated small grant to enable nomadic artists’ travel to the Nomadic Village2013. It is especially for artist whose cost of travel is high. To apply for the Dizel grant send us your travel itinerary including costs. We highly encourage you to discuss this with us before submission and we can give you an idea of the level of support we can provide on a case by case basis.

• Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th of September: Arrival and set-up
• Wednesday 25th: Launch event, press conference
• Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of October: Final presentation closing event
• Monday 7th of October: Last Breakfast

For questions and initial conversation before submission contact either:
Captain Klaus (German, English), +43(0)699 10316027
tadlachance (French, English, Italian) + 39(0)4 42 73 97 21
e-mail for questions and submissions:
For further information on the Nomadic Village:



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