James Rosenquist Artist Residency – NDSU

The James Rosenquist Artist Residency is a one-semester program that began spring semester 2007 for visual artists at the NDSU Department of Visual Arts in Fargo, ND. NDSU Visual Arts provides artists with a stipend, studio, access to technology and facilities beyond home studio and living quarters; culminating in a solo exhibition at the university gallery. Artists pay for their own travel and shipping. In addition, Rosenquist residents are required to teach one course during the semester which optimizes their talent in consultation with the Department.


Artist Benefits

1. Stipend of $6000

2. Apartment or house to reside

3. Materials per consultation with the Department

4. Solo Exhibition at the Memorial Union Gallery @ NDSU

5. 24/7 studio space

6. Access to the entire department facility per consultation with the Department


Artist Requirements

1. Artist will be asked to present a public lecture.

2. Artist will be asked to allow students and community visitors to interact when in residence per consultation with Department.

3. Artist must speak English fluently.

4. Artist will teach a semester art course related to personal artwork.

5. Artists must sign a residency agreement.

6. Artist in Residence is required to donate one piece of artwork completed during the residency to the James Rosenquist Artist Residency Collection.


Application Details

To apply for the James Rosenquist Artist Residency please send the following

1. Resume, including education and exhibition record.

2. One page letter describing what you hope to achieve while in residence at NDSU.

3. Digital images (quantity: 20) should be JPEG or TIFF format at 300 dpi, and 6 inches on the largest side. CD and DVD must be labeled with your name and labled. The CD/DVD will not be returned.


Send to:

Kelly Todd

James Rosenquist Artist Residency

Dept 2330, North Dakota State University

PO Box 6050

Fargo, ND 58108-6050


Phone: 701-231-8818



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