Residência artística na Finlândia – Silence Awareness Existence

Silence Awareness Existence – theme residency in Finland, Dec 2014 – Jan 2015

Retreat into existence

December and January being the darkest months of the Finnish winter, S.A.E offers an extreme retreat into existence through art, silence and nature. The program brings together creative minds who are interested and working around the theme on various fields.

The predefined structure of the program is kept empty and more extreme elements can be added to it if the residents decide to want so (e.g limited internet access to limit the escapism through web, silent(no speaking) days). Conditions are excellent for both collaborating and for concentrating on your own work, thinking and being. There is also no pressure to necessarily produce anything, in case you are more into inner development.

Northern experience

The northern winter is an experience like no other. The sun stays lower on the horizon, leaving the days short with long blue moments and dark nights. Snow is likely to cover the grounds, and the landscape is very monotone. If you get lucky, you can even catch a glimpse of the Northern lights. The raw & rural surroundings create an ideal setting for personal inner journeys and research.

The program is organized by Arteles Creative Center, one of the largest and most international residency centers in Finland & Scandinavia.

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