60 seconds dance – seleção de videodanças

60secondsdance promotes the art form of dance film and gives dance filmmakers an online platform to showcase their work. The winning films will enter our Nordic curated compilation, and be distributed to our extensive network of screening venues, festivals and broadcasting networks. We aim to show dance films with high artistic quality to a large number of audiences in urban as well as peripheral localities.

60secondsdance is co-produced by three partners: Loikka Dance Film Festival (FI), Dansehallerne/ScreenMoves (DK) and ScreenDance Festival (SE).

Each country will have a winner, runner up and audience award. This means that a submitted filmhave the opportunity to win in all three countries.

Winner: € 1500
Runner up: € 500
Audience award: Voucher for entry fee for Loikka Dance Film Festival 2016 + 2 festival passes

There is no entry fee!

To participate click here



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