CROSS Internation Performance Award

CROSS is the project of residential education and cultural voluntary work that won the call of Cariplo Foundation on citizen’s cultural role. Promoter’s leader of the project is Association LIS lab Performing Arts, directed by Antonella Cirigliano, and project’s partner is Teatro sull’Acqua di Arona (NO), while the curatorship is entrusted to Tommaso Sacchi.
CROSS, in this first edition, is hosted in Verbania, which has offered for its performances the beautiful frame of Villa Giulia. CROSS was in fact created with the aim of identifying and training, on the area, an active and participatory public on issues of art and contemporary culture.

CROSS AWARD, an international award open to debut works within the framework of the performance, with a focus on the productions concentrated on the close relationship between selection and musical composition and performance action.



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