Residência Comunidades Híbridas

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Dear international community;

Friends, artists and colleagues;

We are pleased to launch the web platform dedicated to the documentation and outcomes of work done in the context of HYBRID COMMUNITIES, a research and creation residency on screendance held in Oaxaca, Mexico, in August 2015:

Initiated and orchestrated by Agite y Sirva, this project gathered a group of artists and researchers from Mexico, Canada, France and Argentina over 8 days to explore the following themes in relation to screendance :


-Teaching and Pedagogy

-Writing and Analysis

-Activism and Sociopolitical Contents

The web platform HYBRID COMMUNITIES compiles many photos, videos, texts, testimonies, audio files, gifs, biographies and links gathered collectively over the course of the residency.

Also featured is a manifesto in three languages (French, English, Spanish) which was written in order to try to answer the following question:

Link >> How to Film the Moving Body in an Hostile World?

It is proudly and with enthusiasm that we share with you this platform that contains a great deal of artistic, political and social gems.


Ladys Gonzalez (Argentina), Priscilla Guy and Emilie Morin (Canada), Camille Auburtin and Jean-Baptiste Fave (France), Benito González, Yolanda M. Guadarrama, Ximena Monroy, Laura Ríos, Paulina Ruiz Carballido, Alfredo Salomón and Laura Vera (Mexico).



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