Montello Foundation is a foundation dedicated to support artists who foster
our understanding of nature, its fragility and our need to protect it.

The application deadline for the summer 2018
residency season is January 28th, 2018.

The 2018 season is from May 12th until November 10th
and each residency is for two weeks.

The artist retreat at the Montello Foundation is meant to be a retreat from the urban environment. It will provide a new perspective for residents’ work and give residents space and time for undisturbed experimentation and reflection for two weeks.

There is no fee for artists to stay at the retreat, but artists are responsible for their travel expenses and for their meals.

The notifications regarding the summer 2018 applications will go out by mail by the end of February 2018.

• Selection of work:
The panel will look at your work with these guidelines:
– First, the quality of the work.
– Then, the relevance to the idea of the Montello Foundation: is it work which increases our understanding of nature, its fragility and our need to protect it?
– But also at the artist’s commitment to get the word out. Is the artist working on shows in non-profit spaces? Does the artist organizes him- or herself events/happenings/exhibitions?

• Application Form:
please fill out the application form and save it with your last and first name
and _app as a pdf, for example: Smith_Jane_app.pdf
The 2018 season is from May 12th until November 10th.

• Fee:
please go to the donate page and transfer $15. Thank you!

• Artist statement:
please provide us with a 500 word maximum artist statement, saved with your last
and first name and _statement as a pdf, for example: Smith_Jane_statement.pdf

• Bio:
please provide us with a one page bio or CV, saved with your last and first name
and _bio as a pdf, for example: Smith_Jane_bio.pdf

• Digital Images:
please send up to 8 digital images using the following specifications:
File name: labeled with your last and first name, for example:
Smith_Jane01.jpg, Smith_Jane02.jpg, Smith_Jane03.jpg
Dimensions: 1,240 pixels x 1,240 pixels (maximum)
Resolution: 72 dpi (low resolution)
File size: No larger than 2.0 MB (each image)
File format: .jpg

• Video Work:
please provide a link in the Image Check List and indicate the lenght of the clip in the dimension part and whether it is an excerpt of a longer work.

• Writers, Composers and Performing Artists:
due to the fact that we are running a fairly small program, we will have only one panel to judge the submissions and the members of the panel will be mainly visual artists and curators. Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply, it just means that you will have to convince them with your artform. So instead of the images, writers please submit 2 shorter samples and 2 longer ones; performers please submit videos; composers please provide links and list them on the Image Check List.

• Check List:
please fill out the image check list and save it with your last and first name
and _list as a pdf, for example: Smith_Jane_list.pdf

• Send:
please email all the files to

you can certainly apply as collaborators, but keep in mind that the retreat provides only one bed with bedding. There is an air matress as well, but please bring your own bedding. Have a look at the floorplan on the Building page to understand the layout. Please fill then out one application form but provide a bio for each member or the bio for the collective and mark the collaborator(s) box. The images and statement should be just one

Family Members/Pets:
Sure, no problem, bring them along, but the maximum number of occupants at any given time is 4. And please bring your own blankets for your hairy friends. The Foundation will expect that you will cleanup after your pets and that any damage to the building will be repaired and/or the foundation compensated.

Financial Support:
unfortunately we are not able to provide any financial support at this time, 
however we would be happy to provide you with materials for your own fundraising.



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